Discovering the Capital

Hotel Demetra Capitolina

Colosseum and Roman Forum

Discovering the archaeological heart of Rome

The guided tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum will introduce you to the monumental heart of ancient Rome which for centuries was the center of the ancient world. The tour will be a real journey through time to discover the glorious past of Rome, from the mythical 7 kings of Rome to today, and will make you fully understand the concept of the eternal city.

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Spanish Steps

Tourist attractions

Refinement and elegance are also characteristic of Piazza di Spagna, a charming corner of Rome famous for the Bernini fountain and the staircase leading to Trinità dei Monti. Piazza di Spagna is also a perfect place for those who love the most prestigious fashion brands, which have their most important shops here.

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Piazza Navona

The most loved by the Romans

What to see in Rome after the Spanish Steps? Piazza Navona is also one of the most important in the capital, as well as the most loved by the Romans, who are here to stroll or chat. With the Fountain of the Rivers and the church of Sant'Agnese, it is one of the most beautiful baroque corners of the city.

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Trevi Fountain

The "Dolce Vita"

In Rome, the charm of the ancient empire and the art of the Vatican are but two aspects of a city full of nuances. The historic center is, in fact, also a place full of fascinating and refined views, true symbols of the city such as the Trevi Fountain, made famous all over the world by Fellini with "La dolce vita".

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The Vatican

Rome of the popes

The Eternal City was not only the capital of a vast empire, but also the place chosen by the popes as a home. So what to see in Rome if not the Vatican, one of the most visited places in the city. With St. Peter's Basilica, the museums, the Sistine Chapel, it is a real city within the city, and a treasure trove of art without equal.

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Piazza Navona

The great Michelangelo defined the Pantheon as "the work of angels and not of men". Majestic, of a beauty and a rare shape, it rises in the heart of Rome a few steps from Piazza Navona. When you visit it you will not fail to notice looking up at the great "oculus", an immense hole located in the center of the dome and which legend has it was created by the devil fleeing the temple of God.

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Museums, churches, palaces

Museums, churches, palaces and colorful street art. Squares, fountains and stairways. In short, in Rome there are many things to see and do and in this article I have tried to draw up a small guide for those who are thinking of visiting Rome for the first time or for those who have already been there but only in touch-and- leak.

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